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Don Tolman

Wisdom of the Ancient Egyptians & White Stone Carillon Crystal Bowls

Discover how and why the Ancient Egyptians made sacred healing sounds in the Pyramids with their beautiful White Stone Carillon crystal bowls built on the Phi ratio, and why we all need to embody and walk the rainbow bridge, through the 7 colours of light, food and sound, to find the pot of gold ~ a symbol of our vessel, our body, in its highest vibratory form.

Please Note: Sorry but Don’s free paper is no longer available. 

NB: Any reference to quartz crystal singing bowls is in reference to ancient bowls. Most modern bowls are made with crushed silica/glass. However, we have crystalline structures in our body, which are activated and realigned when they are resonated by the singing bowls tones. 

Crystal singing bowl therapy is the exposure to tones generated by crystal bowls, producing audible and non-audible sound waves, which are said to influence the autonomic nervous system, leading to a variety of positive health effects [Ernst 2008].

Crystal sound healing works through vibration, where “all therapeutic and scientific approaches to the body can benefit from an appreciation of the crystalline nature of living tissues” [Lawlor 1990].
Crystals are found throughout the body; the whole body is vibrating with crystal energy. Between and within all of the endocrine glands are minute crystals.

Crystal bowls realign the crystalline structure in the body, enabling healthy instructions and a positive impulse to transmit more clearly through the body, disabling negative impulses and thoughts. The bowls tones resonate the cells deep within the body, altering brainwave states and blood pressure, enabling the release of stress, blocked energies and emotion, bringing a sense of calm and well being, facilitating transformational shifts and a catalyst for healing within the physical and emotional bodies.

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